The Pentarius Deep Sub Project

Project Principal:

Chris Welsh

Chris is a lifelong sailor and waterman. A licensed airplane, helicopter, glider and seaplane pilot, piloting the sub is a merger of Chris' marine and aviation experience.


The Five Dives Expedition's goals are to explore the least known part of Earth - the Ocean trenches below 22,000'. There is over 30,000 miles of trench below this depth, and over 250,000 square miles of Earth's surface that has been barely touched.

Besides the Five Dives, we plan to explore many trenches - each an isolated island of evolution unto itself, with its own geology, life forms, and waiting discoveries. 

The project combines the sub and the Mothership Cheyenne, a 125' catamaran. The lightweight mothership allows for this exploration to occur with minimal impact - very low fuel usage, a small crew, and very low cost. Over 18 months we will go around the world using 3% of the fuel and resources of a conventional deep diving program.

Penta - five. Aquarius - the water carrier.  

Pentarius - the five carrier