The SOFA area in the Eastern Pacific

Sperm Whales and Great White Sharks convene in the "SOFA" area (Shared Offshore Foraging Area) of the Eastern Pacific to gorge on Giant Squid. The Giant Squid are in the area deep underwater to mate; after mating, they die. Scientists estimate there are over 3 Billion (with a B!) Giant Squid in the Ocean; we have seen virtually no living examples. We find Giant Squid carcasses on the surface of all of the oceans and have 90 seconds of video of one specimen.

3 Billion giant squid means 1.5 Trillion pounds of squid, the largest biomass of any animal on earth, including man. If we had the same biomass of elephants, there would be almost 19,000,000 elephants roaming the land. Do giant squid affect the total ecology of earth? How could they not? Their daily food intake alone 

Our sub has the speed to follow sperm whales down over 6,000 feet and let them guide us to the feeding grounds. The goal is to bring back video of the Squid and a Sperm Whale/Giant Squid feeding battle, if possible. This mission will bring back scientific knowledge along with the joy of a chase, Natural History style!

Credit Marine Conservation Science Institute and Ocearch

Sperm Whale dining on Giant Squid

Credit Tony Wu, Bancroft/Fame Pictures

The Pentarius Deep Sub Project

Chasing Sperm Whales, Great White Sharks and the Giant Squid