The Five Dives Mission

The “Five Dives Mission” - Exploring the deepest places in each Ocean Basin:
1 Pacific/Mariana Trench
2 Atlantic/Puerto Rican Trench
3 Indian/Diamantina Trench
4 Southern/Sandwich Trench
5 Arctic/Molloy Deep

This is our big goal: Diving to the deepest place in each of the Five Ocean Basins. Only one of these locations has ever been visited. There are over 30,000 miles of deep ocean trench; in the course of our travels, we will look to dive in each trench we get near. Every trench is like an isolated island, with unique geology and life forms. With 4 K video, high resolution sonar and a suite of chemical sensors we will document each dive and share that knowledge with all scientists.

The Pentarius Deep Sub Project